Sarangsari syrup

Sarangsari syrup

Sarangsari syrup Real Syrup 100% Cane Sugar Syrup since 1934... Various flavors are available, namely:

1. Lychee

2. Manalagi (same as cocopandan in other brands)

3. Nutmeg

4. Banana Ambon

5. Rozen

6. Strawberry

7. Blueberry (blue color is suitable for those looking for blue syrup) 8. Cappuccino (the only local syrup that has a Cappuccino taste)

9. Tangerines

10. Mellon

11. Mocha

12. Vanille (Vanilla flavored syrup is perfect for liver health)

13. Sweet smell

14. Frambozen

When ordering, please inform the desired variant in the seller's notes column.